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Affiliate programs are an excellent way to make money online.  Our own affiliate program pays you 80%.  However, you must actually be a True Cash Member to take advantage of this offer.  Internet Income with affiliate programs is set it and forget it.  A rule of thumb is to take your commission and times that by your conversion rate, this will give you your cost per click.  Bid under this in Pay Per Click campaigns.  A typical conversion rate is 1-2% of your traffic.  A great way to promote affiliate programs is through your own eMail list.   This is called an ezine.  Simply create an aWeber account and paste your sign up form on your web page.  Try making a page only for eMail sign-ups.  Then you can send a series of informative eMails that promote relevant products!  See our Disclaimer.

The question is where do you find such programs?  We recommend: ClickBank, Offer Vault, Commission Junction, and Link Share.  TIP:  Promote a sign up page with Ad Mob!

The next question is how do you promote your selected program or product?  The first way is through Pay Per Click (PPC) as noted above.  Setting up a campaign takes only a few moments and before you know it you will have a home based income stream.

There are other ways to promote your affiliate programs.  You can create a web page and support your program though informative content.  This is king on the internet and warms your prospects up before they buy as opposed to a cold link leaving all the marketing effort with your partnered program.  This is known as pre-selling and it makes money!  You can also promote your products to a subscriber list.  This is internet income at its finest as you can send re-peat contacts and develop strings of advertising messages!

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